The End

When I started this blog 16 weeks ago I was dreading all the work I had to do. But as these weeks have flown by the work has become less and less of the chore it once was. I am thankfulScreen Shot 2017-04-18 at 9.57.52 AM.pngl for this blog and the posts I’ve written. This blog forced me to jump back into reading. The books I read were all ones i had previously read in my high school years. This revisitation of familiar themes and ideas with a different view point gave me a new outlook on some of these books that I dismissed in high school. During high school I used sparknotes and summaries more than actually reading for a test or a quiz; and it worked. However, I always felt that I was cheating myself out of these great works and this blog has given me the chance to revisit them.

However, all good things must end and this will be my final post on this blog.  I have learned a lot about myself and what kind of stories I am drawn towards. I, for some reason, went back to multiple stories about dystopia, outcasts, and betrayal of love. What I find even more strange is why would my high school force these on us? These aren’t stories that make you become more self confident or form hopeful ideas of the future. I have learned that the reason for this was to prepare us properly for our future of independence and the fear of failure and insecurity that come along with it. And for this, I am very grateful.

I never was a fan of reading, I was always being forced to do so and it just annoyed me and created distain for the action. Now, I’ve found the will to read again and it is all thanks to this blog.