It’s Tuesday

After finishing “the Sun Also Rises ” I decided to pick up another book from a familiar author. This was “1984” by George Orwell. I remember this was an assigned book to read in my Senior English 4 class. Despite this being the case, I never really read it. I was more of a sparknotes type of guy back then and I have to say it worked out ( I ended with an A in the class). However I felt somewhat guilty that I never did actually read the book. So I decided to revisit it. So far I’m a few chapters in and the events all come back to me as they’re happening. I remembered it being a dark, distopian future ruled by a force called Big Brother and enforced by the Thought Police. My memory was correct and the more I read the more the story returns to my memory. It is interesting to go back and see things I didn’t remember or small details that weren’t present in the summaries I read. I’m really looking forward to finishing this book off and hopefully when I finish I will have a different interpretation or perspective on the story.


In other news, I returned home this weekend to Tampa for Gasparilla. For those of you who aren’t aware, Gasparilla is one of the largest parades in the country ( I believe it’s right behind the Thanksgiving Day parade in New York, Mardi Gras, and the St. Patrick’s day parade in Boston). It’s a crazy time to say the least. It’s a day of beads, pirates, and public intoxication. If you’re from Tampa it’s most likely your favorite holiday of the year ( at least if your a high school/ college aged kid). It was great to be back in Tampa. I saw kids I haven’t seen in months and some in years. The day of fun didn’t come without a cost however. At some point during the day I lost both my sunglasses and car keys. Thank god I had a spare set in my car. But honestly that small price was definitely worth it. I wouldn’t trade that parade for anything.